Going for Framework on the Aff: Its hip to be square pt 1

Debate arguments often operate like fashion trends; they emerge on the scene, gain popularity, that popularity peaks and then declines. Some arguments, like multiple counterplans, then experience a resurgence years later. For some time now it has been very difficult to gain any traction by going for framework arguments on the affirmative vs negative critiques. […]

Framework Cites

Here are a few links that have been sent to me re: policy relevance since the reps thread, there are some both ways http://www.adbi.org/discussion-paper/2005/09/09/1356.think.tanks/conclusions.the.challenges.of.policy.relevance/ http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=11624 http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2010/02/18/more-on-the-disconnect-between-ir-academics-and-beltway-people/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/how-government-cash-created-the-climategate-scandal.html http://personal.inet.fi/tiede/markku.sotarauta/opetus/markussen.pdf http://www.iheid.ch/webdav/site/political_science/shared/political_science/3452/walt.pdf

Judge Philosophy Guidelines

As the season begins, there are many people who will begin judging for the first time. There are also many people who realize they are terrible judges and want to improve. As such, people will be writing and posting new judge philosophies. I wanted to try and put together a guide for people approaching this […]

Good Debating Is Good Writing: 16 Common Inefficiencies

Debate is a speaking activity, certainly, but it is also a writing activity. Good constructive speeches rely in large part on well-written prepared materials, but rebuttals are where the real writing occurs. To deliver a powerful rebuttal, students must verbalize their arguments clearly and persuasively—but do so extemporaneously, without a script. Good speaking, like good […]

How to improve at debate camp

  This is an article I began writing for the first edition of the last word but was weeded out in the editing process. Several people who read this disagreed with a lot of the advice, so bear in mind this is just my opinion- if your lab leaders disagree with something/tell you to do […]