Interesting Reps K answer

Particularly if the neg reads frameworks institute style evidence Comments?  Exactly right, I think. It’s fun to think of clever ways of  selling one’s policies, but in the real world it’s not bound to do much good.  Oh, both sides should try; as long as you don’t believe your own propaganda, there’s nothing wrong with […]

Reps Throwdown- The Response

Some notes 1. Cards aren’t underlined- a few people whined to be about this. If you are so lazy that not only do you not cut your own cards, but you are complaining that the cards on 3NR aren’t spoon fed enough to you then you prob. suck and should join the band. 2. I […]

Throwdown- Reps K Legit

For this I will defend the Neg reading a reps K vs any theory argument or permutation based arg about why K’s that don’t link to the plan are legitimate. Assume for the 1NC the neg read this card from the reps card picking thread as a justification for why reps matter:

Reps K bad- The Wire Version Although racism is endemic to neoliberal governmentality, The Wire recognises that anti-racism is hegemonic now. This is no mere superstructural or ideological rhetoric, but present, if unevenly, in the discourses and practices of institutions and society more generally. If in the analysis of race we examine the representations of the black characters in the […]

Going for Framework on the Aff: Its hip to be square pt 1

Debate arguments often operate like fashion trends; they emerge on the scene, gain popularity, that popularity peaks and then declines. Some arguments, like multiple counterplans, then experience a resurgence years later. For some time now it has been very difficult to gain any traction by going for framework arguments on the affirmative vs negative critiques. […]

Cleaning up debates

Let’s talk about how to make debates cleaner. By clean, I am referring to organization: a messy debate is one where arguments are poorly organized and not grouped together logically. A clean debate is where the debaters make a conscious effort to sort like arguments together. Why is this important? A clean debate 1. Makes […]